by: Pierre Fredickson 04120090120

War is inevitable and it happened on many places, and nobody wanted this thing to happen. It causes lots of innocent lives dying. Casualties increasing such as: parents lost their child, lost brothers, lost hometown and many more. As we know, a war is caused by two rulers or more with such power, to take over the thing that they wanted (land, artifact, resources, etc). War is based on political situation, which one side has a political need. In war the opposing side doesn't care about what will happen on the place that they'll invade, about human rights, therefore war is selfish and cruel.

" War is like a toothless old whore - disgusting, mainly, but every once in a while she gives it to you like nobody's business," Dutchman.

The Film "5 Days of War" started out when the main character Thomas Anders and his cameraman Sebastian Ganz went to Iraq to cover a story about the war between Iraq and America. But unfortunately Ander's fiancé that joined him on the trip to Iraq was shot by a stray bullet. They were in a car and they got ambushed by Iraqis, later then Ander's was saved by a coalition army led by Captain Rezo Avaliani.

After the Iraq incident Anders was on skype talking to Dutchman. Anders was offered to cover a story in Georgia, Viziana village. When he arrived at Viziana, there was wedding going on. The event was going on with such joy, but suddenly Russian sukhoi bombard the village to rubbles. Long story short, Anders went to a hospital with some bombard casualty with a villager named Tatiana and Ganz. When they arrived there, there's too much casualties last night (the bombard occurred at night). So they covered what happened at the hospital. Anders called his boss about what happened last night and to broadcast it to worldwide. Olympic at Beijing was being covered, so his boss said that the news at Georgia wasn't "good" enough to be broadcasted. So Anders's cover isn't being published.
The news was rejected by the Anders's TV station. Anders, Ganz and Tatiana was on a cafe talking about what will they do next? Tatiana wanted to meet her other family so she went off to North Georgia. Ganz said to Anders to cover Tatiana's family reunion, the tears, the casualty, and the freedom. So they decided to follow Tatiana. "We Need Her, and She needs Us", for the story though. Although at first the TV station refused to broadcast the story at Georgia, in the end the TV station agreed to show it worldwide about Russian and Ossetia's invasion and slaughter to the people of Georgia.

"The First Casualty of War Is Truth" Hiram Johnson.

Telling the truth to the world it isn't that easy as we thought. It's like the world doesn't care about what is happening on each country. On the scene where Ander's wanted to upload the video to his Boss, the boss refuses about the news, because Olympic on Beijing was more commercial than "the invasion of Russia and Ossetia" to Georgia. At that point we can see that the world doesn't care about other nations suffering. As a field journalist it may be hard to put aside the emotional feeling for what is happening around him or her. Being editor is quite a hard job (as we see things that happened in this film) despite reality and idealism, the editor should have to keep the rating of the TV station. That's why there's lots of conflict between an editor and a reporter. As we know, they are just doing their job.

Less people knows about the Georgian war at 2008, it's because at that time America's first black president was elected after George W. Bush's regime. It was worldwide and at that time Olympic at Beijing was commenced. So at this film, the journalists wanted to tell the world about what's happening there. Well, the world was blinded by their ignorance.
This film reveals the true situation on Georgia. Well, it may not be a Documenter or something else, but this film was made by the testimonials of the casualties. This film shows that the situation on Georgia was calm, until North Ossetia wanted to retake Ossetia from Georgia, but on the invasion, Ossetia paired up with Russia. At that time Georgia's President cried for help from Europe. The Europe union can't help to defend Georgia from the invasion, because some political problem. If they helped Georgia, they will fight with Russia either, so they refused to help.

In this film we can see that the director wanted to place United States of America as a War Hero. Even though we can see that the main characters are correspondent journalists. It still holds the scent of the Holywood-ish action film. And we can sense the fiction is too thick and quite different from the reality (the scene where one of the Ossetian rebel didn't shoot the Georgian runners). Despite that the cinematographer took a very good shot while taking the beauty of Georgia's nature. The Farm, the meadow and other things, he is able to make the contrast between the war situation and the beauty. It's such a good work though, how he made the scenes to look more "to be sympathy at".

About the artist, even they are not well known, they act very good. Especially the one that cast as the President. He acted like he was frustrated about the nation's condition, the anger, the emotional. And the for the main characters, they act like they know their field as a war journalist when thing got tense.

I was wandering, why did this film got a low rating on the internet. Even though the plot was so predictable, but it tells us about the real deal that's happening in Georgia. And they did a great job to pull up the "Journalist's point of view" of a war that people didn't know that it happened.