Journalist's Name, Journalist's Job (ie: Kevin Carter, Photojournalist)

(Years Alive) (ie: 1961-1994)

Here you would input your biographical entry about Kevin Carter.
  • You will consider the journalist’s life and work
    • - Examine pieces produced by the journalist (stories, photographs, broadcast packages, etc.),
    • - Types of coverage the photographer is assigned (or assigns him/herself) to and where he or she covers those.
  • You'll examine the country out of which the journalist works or worked, being sure to highlight that country’s press system and challenges.
  • You will consider how changes with technology may have influenced the requirements and/or approach of the journalist.
  • If the journalist is living, consider contacting the journalist to glean further insight via an interview.

    Your journalist needs to be approved by Professor Welter before you proceed with your project.

    This write-up should be 1500-2500 words (that’s the equivalent of perhaps 4-6 pages double-spaced), properly attributed with a bibliography (page count is for main body only, not bibliography). Proper style is APA.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I would also like to see included in the wiki entry, links to outside resources you identify and links to selected samples of his/her work.