Name: Prissila Chandra
NIM : 04120110077

The “State of Play” is a movie about journalist to find the real facts about a murder of a congressman mistress which actually a hired spy to investigate the business of the congressman, Stephen Collins. Stephen Collins works in the organization called Point Corp. He has a journalist friend name Cal, to help him clear his name from the main suspect of the murder because he has romantic relationship with her. But, while he is investigating about the murder, Cal starting to have difficult choice to make.
He wants to make a good story but, when he has a good story, he can’t save his friend image from it because Stephen is deeply involved with murder. Even before Cal finds out that Stephen is deepy involved, Stephen image in the community is already bad because of the affair with Sonia.
Cal is confused what he needs to do besides seeking the truth. In fact, even Sonia is a spy; she fell in love with Stephen so she quits her job. She doesn’t want to treat Stephen like that anymore and want to make a difference because she is pregnant to Stephen child. But she never has a chance to tell Stephen about it. Stephen found out about the fact from Cal interview on Dominic Foy, the person that assigns Sonia to be a spy.
It’s not about a simple murder that Cal has been dealing with, but he also deal with a bigger person behind the murder that include Point Work about the army political system. So, he has a lot of risks to take to investigate the truth. He might also sacrifice his own life if the truth is being spread.
At first, Cal assume that this idea of murder come from an old friend of Stephen that he knows from military, Robert Bingham. Stephen saved Robert in the military before and actually a very loyal soldier that would do anything to protect his country.
But in the end of the story, the main suspect is being flipped to Stephen Collins. Cal find out that Stephen already know Sonia is a spy and ask for a help of Robert to find out what she’s doing because Stephen is suspicious about Sonia secret activities. And unfortunately Robert is killing Sonia because of Stephen order. Cal also finds out that his friend is using him to cover his mistakes. That’s why Stephen comes to Cal asking for help because he knows that Cal would help him.
Cal make a fixed choice that he will write a news on his friend and tell the truth to the community even though it will ruin Stephen image. Cal objective as a reporter is to write his story based on fixed facts. That’s why he keeps holding the information even his boss and co-worker push him to release it.
The themes of journalism that the film covers are:
1) Every journalist should try their best to find an accurate facts and truth to write- For example: Cal willing to investigate deeper on the murder itself because he wants to make sure the facts are the truth, which reader won’t be manipulated. Journalist should obtain information that is the most accurate.
2) Every journalist should treat every source equal, not less and not more- means that every journalist should not have personal relationship or treat sources differently because they are close in relationship. Journalist should treat every source fairly and forbid to help them clean their images. Including the issues of discriminating race and etnics. Actually in this 2nd point, Cal does against this rule. At first, Cal purpose to investigate deeper on the murder, is just to help his friend, Stephen Collins. Cal agrees to help Stephen to clean his image because he is a Congressman.
3) Every journalist should work proffesionally and not to be controlled by anyone with higher power- For example: In the movie, Point Corp has the most power to control the journalists.
4) Every journalist should get their data legally and fairly-means that journalists should get information by interviewing or observing not by stealing other journalist information and breaking into security system. Any violation happen to the source will also be considered as criminal act. For example: Cal kidnapping Dominic Foy and bringing him into isolated hotel is not appopriate. If Dominic reports the violence to the police, Cal would be consider as a criminal.
There are few inconsistencies on the actuality of the news that media organization makes. After Sophia Barker gets murdered, there are a lot of news spreading a rumor about Sophia and Stephen romantic relationship but it is quick. Cal decides to keep the news hidden first, until he gets more trustworthy information, especially when the news is about Cal close relatives. So, Cal has a dilemma whether acting proffesionally on his career or maintaining his friend images as a Congressman.
Well, the level of actuality on Cal story might be low because he just share his story after the accident is about 3 days old but, I must say that in the film Cal is more focus to reveal the truth about the murder and the c onnection between Point Corp rather than the news about Stephen and Sophia having an affair.
In this film, the location of the situation is happening in America. Well America is a democracy country. America let the civilians to choose their own beliefs, and use the rights to voice their opinion. So does the printed media. The media organization can choose how they want to write their stories like. For example: The murder of Sophia Barker can be written in variety of perspectives from different newspaper.
The media might write the stories from Stephen Collins perspectives, or even the suspect, Robert Bigham perspectives. In America, the press system is powerful. They can flip any information to become fixed facts. If someone is being targeted already and being played by media, it’s not only ruining their work, but also their life and image in their community.